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Directed by Allie Wofford

Why join AWANA?

AWANA helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually stong children who faithfully follow Jesus Christ. Our programs offer a proven approach for evangelizing and discipling kids in the church and community.

Where and when does AWANA meet?

AWANA meets in Building C on Wednesday nights at 6:40 and ends at 8:00. There is a meal served at 6:10.

Who can join AWANA?

Classes are offered for children ages 2 through 6th grade. Click here for a detailed listing of classes.

What are AWANA points and bucks?

Clubbers earn AWANA points each weeks for the following:

  • attendance
  • wearing their uniform
  • bringing dues ($ .50 each week)
  • bringing a Bible
  • bringing a friend
  • Sunday School attendance
  • passing sections in their handbook

Clubbers’ points are transferred into AWANA bucks which can be spent at the AWANA store twice a year.

How can parents help?

Parents play an important role in making AWANA successful. Parents can help by:

  • encouraging regular attendance
  • making sure your clubber is prepared for club with their uniform, book, Bible, and dues
  • reading and practicing the handbook at home in order to understand verses and pass sections