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AWANA Club Classes

(Children must be 2 years old before September 1st. Nursery is available for babies to 2 years old.)

AWANA Puggles is an enriching expeience for children that presenets basic biblical concepts: We are a unique creation of God and God loves us very much. Puggles teaches toddlers simple lessons through teaching cards, activies, music, and more.

(Children must be 3 years old before September 1st)

AWANA Cubbies helps children learn important concepts through fun, clear curriculum. Cubies learn about the greatness of God, His Word, and His love.

(Kindergarten – 2nd grade)

Sparks teches basic truths about God, His Son, salvation, and the Bible and builds an enduring foundation of biblical wisdom through scripture memorization.

Truth & Training
(3rd grade – 4th grade)

The name Truth & Training reflects the passion of AWANA to teach third and fourth grade boys and girls the truth of God’s Word and to train them to folow Christ in their daily lives.